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DP ARCHITECTS is an international Ukrainian architectural studio that emerged from the union and collaboration between YP ARCHITECTS and DAHNEVSKY ARCHITECTS. YP ARCHITECTS was founded in 2000 by architect Yuri Puchinsky, while DAHNEVSKY ARCHITECTS was established in 2008 by Dmitry Dahnevskiy.

Since then, Our Studio DP ARCHITECTS has been providing comprehensive architectural, design, and planning services in Ukraine, Israel, and other countries. During this time, the studio has designed a wide array of projects, including commercial and office buildings, department stores, private luxury houses, renovation of historic buildings, and town planning.


Yuri Puchinsky won an international award for the project of Grand Tbilisi Hotel “Wyndham” built in Tbilisi Georgia.

Many of our projects are characterized by the contrast between simple masses and intricate detailing, the exploration of compositions between volumes, and the precise combination of materials.

In developing our projects, we merge functionality with architectural aesthetics, engineering and construction knowledge, attention to detail, and modern technologies.

Our studio designs projects of various scales, from the interior design of restaurants, commercial and residential spaces, to the planning of private homes, large residential and office buildings.


Dmitry Dahnevskiy

Chief Architect

Yuri Puchinsky

chief Architect


We are seeking a creative and dedicated Architect to join our team in Ukraine. This individual will play a key role in the design and execution of projects, collaborating with a team of skilled professionals to bring visionary concepts to life.

Open Vacancy


  • Develop architectural designs from concept through to completion.

  • Work collaboratively with clients to understand their needs and translate them into actionable plans.

  • Coordinate with engineers, contractors, and stakeholders during the design and construction phases.

  • Ensure all projects adhere to legal standards and environmental guidelines.

  • Utilize the latest software and technology to create innovative design solutions.

  • Participate in project presentations and proposal development.


  • Professional degree in Architecture.

  • years of experience in architectural design, preferably with a focus on Urban design.

  • Proficiency in design software (e.g., AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Adobe Creative Suite).

  • Strong portfolio demonstrating a breadth of design work.

  • Excellent communication and project management skills.

  • Knowledge of building codes, standards, and sustainability practices.

  • Ability to work effectively in a team and independently.

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